[Steel Meister] Enterprise Package for Steel Fabrication Center

“Out of the box application” for steel fabrication business. You will feel as it’s tailor made !

  • Non-stop 7/24 system
  • Traceability
  • Support various order type
  • Support various process type
  • Supports outsourced processing
  • Powerful access security control
  • End user computing(EUC)
  • EDI support

Solution Outline

Steel MeisterTM is an integrated application package that covers the end to end steel fabrication center’s business process.

  • Supports sales order, procurement, inventory, processing, shipping, payment, invoice functions as standard.
  • Supports Steel EDI and flexibility for format change.
  • Provides flexible linkage between process lines and warehouse.
  • Supports flexible integration to existing systems (e.g.: Finance)
  • Customization available to meet your business needs.


Non-stop system Support 24H operation
Support various order type, agreement Proper, Buy/sell processing , Toll processing
Support processing Hot-rolled Sheets, Coated Sheets Slitting, Shearing, TWB, Blanking
Supports outsourced processing Improve data accuracy by data entry at dispatched site
Traceability Customer satisfaction, Quality control
Security Business governance
EUC Business efficiency
EDI with Trade company, Steel maker Steel EDI support

Business Coverage

Issues you might have…

  • Looking for solution to make business more efficient.
    • What to minimize work between customers, via phone/fax and manually creating business documents.
    • Inaccurate inventory data due to manual inventory control.
  • Need support for internal business governance.

Steel MeisterTM can help

  • Steel MeisterTM is a solution that supports basic functions from sales order, procurement, inventory, processing, shipping, invoice that is fundamental for Steel Fabrication Center business.
  • Steel MeisterTM covers the whole business process and integrates all business transaction in one solution to insure efficiency from accessing to real-time information.
  • Flexible and security access privilege can be provided to support internal business governance.

Benefits you can find

  • Integrated solution will reduce labor cost, total business lead-time
    • Free from telephone/fax and paper based work.
  • Support end user analyzing
    • Various information such as plan/instructions/results data can be retrieved on-demand for end user’s analyzing.
  • Short lead time for account settlement
    • Real time sales account, unclaimed invoice/un delivered stocks, provide receipt & payment status
  • Supports business governance
    • Function access control, Data access control, Log management

EXA’s Value!

  • Strong know-hows from long experience in steel production information system area.
  • The solution is based with these experience based know-hows.
  • Implementation experience in steel fabrication centers with state or the art technology.
  • Thanks to the module based application, you can have full steel fabrication center business support system up running in short time and start efficient business quickly.

Solution Scope


Deliver Process

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