President's Message

[Lead The Future!] President & CEO Akihito Tsukamoto

EXA was founded as an IT subsidiary of NKK Corporation (now JFE Steel Corporation) in 1987.
After the capital participation of IBM Japan in 2000, currently EXA is an IT services company as a Joint Venture of IBM Japan and JFE Steel.
In addition to the strengths of large scale IT user experience of JFE Steel group, EXA always incorporates the global cutting edge technologies from IBM and others.
EXA's corporate philosophy is to contribute to the society through solving the clients' business challenges with advanced information technologies and solutions. Under this philosophy, EXA has been growing with clients as a "partner".
In recent years, EXA has been getting many opportunities to solve management issues of clients who have expanded overseas deployment. For supporting clients' overseas systems, EXA has also strengthened capabilities. With a great enthusiasm of all EXA's members, EXA always aims to be a company which can contribute to the business innovation of clients.

In our new Medium-Term Business Plan (2015-2017), EXA is pursuing to realize the following visions.

EXA aims to be "Value Creation" company, contributing customer's business innovation.

As a partner, EXA challenges to realize clients' innovation for the future.
EXA aims to be an essential and most trusted partner to the clients through the development and success of clients' business.

EXA aims to be a leading company in IT industry with only1/No.1 solution.

EXA's mission is to provide clients with the best IT solutions combined and optimized with various IT components (System development, packaged software, ICT infrastructure, Cloud Service, Big Data, Mobile etc.), in accurately grasping remarkable evolution of IT and deeply understanding changes in the business environment and clients' challenges.
EXA aims to be a leading company in IT industry with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions using its overall strengths.

EXA aims to be a company where all employees work with pride and joy as highly integrated one team.

EXA's slogan is "Lead the Future! "This means to contribute to every client's Future Value Creation. We think it by oneself. We do it actively and we give a positive impact around us. Each employee lively works as a "professional" acting a leading role for the challenging to change for the future of clients with pride and joy.

EXA will make best efforts to keep growing with clients toward the future.

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